“It’s just not cricket” A phase that is synonymous with the cultural and history of cricket that has become embedded in the lexicon of most common people. Even the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan has explained, when addressing the UN assembly, “we all know what is not cricket” while reeling off injustices of racism, intolerance and prejudice exemplifying the statement. Which asks the question ‘If a Ghanian diplomate who has never played a game of cricket in his life knows what’s ‘not cricket’ then what is cricket?’

Wickets and Pickets is a multi-platform media for true cricket fans. Stylish, nostalgic, irreverent, and razor sharp. Embedded in cricket culture, we know what it’s like to be a fan, what its like to watch your team be 9 wickets down in the last over of a run chase or to see Chris Gayle hit one out of the ground ball. Wickets and Pickets celebrates the heroes, informs about wider issues, makes you laugh and speaks to you directly. It takes you around the world of cricket and ends up on your doorstep. It’s the stories that tell of the culture of cricket, unique, wide and varied from country to country but is underpinned by the ethics we all hold dear about cricket.  It’s created for you, by you and it tells us all what cricket is.



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