David Warner. A name that certainly polarises the cricketing world, love him or loathe him you certainly cannot deny the destructive opening batsman’s talent on the field.

It must be said that I have some personal skin in this game. I once played against Davey in the illustrious trans-harbour cricket trophy in suburban Sydney during late summer of 2001. I suited up for St Andrew’s Cathedral School and was dismissed cheaply while “the bull” hit my friend for six sixes in a single over and may have uttered a couple of expletives along the way.

Much has been written about Warner’s dramatic fall from grace in the Australian Cricket ball tampering scandal. Now he has served his one-year ban from all forms of the game, it is clear that he is attempting to improve his image and PR brand.

COVID 19 called a halt to most cricket for a three-month period and was particularly disruptive to the IPL which has now been rescheduled for September and October in the UAE. The captain of Sunrisers Hyderabad found himself at home in Sydney for three months with not a lot to do apart from looking after his three daughters.

Enter TikTok.

For those of us who are less acquainted with the social media platform, TikTok is a short-form video app that allows users to create short music, lip sync, dance or comedy videos of 3-15 seconds in length.

Warner clearly put his enforced COVID break to good use by posting frequent content on the app and often involving his wife and children. This is clearly a move which is aimed at people seeing him in a more positive light, particularly in India as a lot of his content appears to be aimed at a subcontinental audience.

It is also a project which has involved his whole family while in isolation. Clearly admirable.

Warner, talking to India Today said “We have to think out of the box. For me, it was about putting smiles on the people’s faces. Through TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram, my family and I have been able to do that,”

I have to say I never thought Warner would be one for laughing at himself, but I think I might be mistaken.

Unluckily for Warner in June, just as his fan base was growing, the Indian government banned the Chinese app amidst tensions between the Indian and Chinese governments.

This has meant his huge Indian fan base has taken a hit, but never fear- Warner continues to repost a lot of his content on Instagram even after some clever trolling from fans including Indian off spinner Ravichandran Ashwin.

Here are some highlights from his TikTok page which has amassed 4.8M followers.

Here we have the Warner family’s contribution towards the #glowup challenge.

It seems that the Warner family would be tough to beat at Mario Kart as well as in cricketing pursuits.
You cannot beat a good #trumpetchallenge especially while using a wide range of kitchen utensils.
My personal favourite is the #flicktheswitch challenge. Now we can all say we have seen Warner as a competitor in the Iron Woman series.
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ISO Monday’s #flicktheswitch @candywarner1

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There are also countless posts over on his Instagram, most notably ones where he superimposes his face onto various movie characters. My favourite being his impersonation of Kevin McCalister’s famous “Merry Christmas you filthy animal” from Home Alone. 

While this has clearly been a positive step in the improvement of Warner’s PR brand and general image around the game, he better ensure that his judgement outside off stump is a little better than it was in last year’s Ashes series.

Otherwise, he will be giving his opposition plenty of sledging ammunition in series to come.

Maybe he could produce a sandpaper-based video on TikTok, though perhaps that’s a little too soon.